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Payables Solutions

Optimize your payment strategies

Keep your business running smoothly with smart management of your disbursements. We can assist you with developing payment strategies that help you maintain control of your cash flow while ensuring that payments are made accurately, safely and efficiently.

  • ACH Payment Origination
  • Domestic and international wires
  • FTP file origination
  • Controlled disbursement accounts
  • Account reconciliation
  • Business Debit Card – Easily make purchases and track expenses with our free Business MasterMoney card.
  • Business Credit Card – Choose from convenient options with benefits such as cash back or reward points, low introductiory rates, expense management tools, no annual fee, and employee cards with individual limits.
  • Fraud Prevention tools – Avoid potential security issues related to Payables.
  • Maintain strong control of your cash flow
  • Manage your disbursements safely and efficiently
  • Effectively manage your payables to meet your daily and long-term strategies