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Business Online Banking

Manage your business bank accounts from anywhere.

Now upgraded for an enhanced user experience!
For more details, please contact your local banker, or email us: [email protected]

Managing a business can mean early mornings and late nights…and running to the bank isn't always an option. With business online banking, you don’t have to interrupt your busy day or even be in town to get your banking done.  Monitor and manage your payables, receivables, loans and invested funds, all online.  Use your PC or laptop, or download our Mobile Business Banking app to your phone or tablet. Choose from our variety of Business Online Banking packages to get the right setup for your business.

  • Versatile, secure, electronic platform for business customers
  • Access your accounts from your computer or mobile device
  • Deposit checks with your mobile device*
  • Save time and money on postage fees with online bill payments
  • Instant, real-time view of deposit, savings, and loan information
  • View detailed account history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Place "Stop Payment" orders
  • Export transaction data to many financial software programs
  • Simplify account management
  • Basic version available without a monthly fee; additional add-on options available

Plan Options

We offer a variety of online banking options; choose the one tailored to your specific needs. Functionality and user permission options vary per package type. For more information, please contact a Personal Banker.

Get Started

Enrolling in business online banking is easy. Enroll now.

Helpful hint: you will need your social security number and last account statement ending balance. If you can’t find your ending account balance, contact client services at (888) 498-9800.

Learn More

To learn more about business online banking capabilities, view our online demo.

Trade the paper clutter for the convenience of viewing your account statements at any time. Plus, by losing the paper trail, you also cut down on chances of becoming a victim of fraud. Save yourself — and the environment.

  • Save paper and save the environment
  • Fast, free, and easy alternative to paper statements
  • Includes electronic copies of all the checks you write
  • Easier to retrieve info when needed
  • Eliminate a paper trail
  • Reduce chances of fraud and identity theft
  • Arrive faster than paper statements
  • Simplify recordkeeping
  • Easily access past statements
  • Ability to download for permanent storage or print if needed
  • Receive email notice when new eStatement is ready

Enrollment Instructions

To receive eStatements, you must first be enrolled in online banking. If you’re already enrolled in online banking, then simply follow these instructions:

  1. Sign onto e-access Online Banking and select "Statements" from the menu.
  2. Choose the Reports tab and go to the Statements section.
  3. Select Statement Preferences and check the box for Electronic Statements for each eligible account.

A confirmation screen will appear so that you can review your requested change. After you complete these steps and confirm the change, your first online statement will be posted on your next normal statement date.

Statements are stored online for 13 months for your convenience. If you'd like to save them for a longer period, you can print or save them directly to your computer.

Having trouble printing your statement? 

Your pop-up blocker may be preventing you from seeing the printable PDF file. With your statement open, click "PDF" at the top of the page. If prompted at the top of the page, choose "allow pop-ups" and click on PDF again. Choose the pages you want to print, then click the printer icon on the left within the PDF screen.

Would you like to be notified about changes to your account, such as when your account balance falls below the amount you specify, or when withdrawals and deposits are posted? Receive a text or email alert and keep your account under control. View our simple set-up instructions.

*Customers can deposit up to $2,500 per day with a maximum of $5,000 per month (25 business days)