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International Banking

When you or your company requires foreign services, look to Parkway Bank & Trust for a wide range of products.
Whether you need to send funds internationally, or to settle incoming foreign currency instruments, Parkway will handle your transactions safely and accurately. Our drafts and wire transfers are available in over 30 major currencies. With access to a global network of correspondent banks, we can provide a variety of transactions worldwide including: 

Foreign Currency Drafts
Send monies to friends, family, vendors or banks abroad.

Wire Transfers
For large dollar amounts, wire transfers are ideal for paying foreign-based suppliers in order to ship goods or other payments.

Foreign Currency Banknotes
Competitive exchange rates for buying or selling foreign currency. Normal delivery is generally seven days, but overnight delivery is available at an additional charge.

International Collection Services
Provides settlement of foreign clean checks and documentary collection in U.S. Dollars and in foreign currency.

Import/Export Letters of Credit
Ideal payment method for importers and exporters; assures that payment will only occur if the exporter fully complies with the terms of the letter of credit.

Standby Letters of Credit
May be used in lieu of bid bonds or performance bonds. 

For more information on our International Banking Services, please call Denise Williams at (708) 867-2570.